What does every baby need?

A good blankie.

Sewing-7Lulu knows this is true. She’s a blankie baby for sure.

The girls and I bought some remnants a couple weeks ago with the intention of making them into baby blankets. Insert one potty-training Saturday, and in the minutes between the timer beeping (about 12 at a time), we set to our task (also, that’s why no one is wearing clothes. Makes sewing a little more dangerous, but potty training a whole lot easier).

Sewing-2 Sewing The girls each drew a design and we did our best to replicate it using fabric.Sewing-3 Sewing-4


Mo quickly realized the house-making potential of her triangle/square design, and capitalized on it before we stitched it all together.

Sewing-5 Sewing-6Yes, there was a potty training two year old sitting on my lap. And I let her play with a machine that has a sharp, pointy end moving very quickly. I’m either crazy or a veteran.

I’ll let you decide.


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1 Response to Blankies

  1. Janelle says:

    Those are awesome. Really great idea to have them draw a design and sew it together. I really want to do this some day and hope I can remember to.

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