How He Shows Me

I’m going to deviate from the normal Monday {Wordless Weekend} post for a bit, and use a lot of words today.

Because, this guy.RoadTrip-6

If you aren’t into posts that expound upon the awesomeness of someone’s spouse, I’ll understand if you check back a different day.

But you should think about sticking around, because I really want you to know how amazing he is.

There’s a lot of travel coming up in the immediate future. I won’t go into detail, because a public blog is probably not the best place to explain exactly when the man of the house will or will not be absent. But, let’s leave it at: too much.

So, what did this Eagle-Scout-Engineer husband of mine do when he realized I would be solo parenting our family? Made sure I was absolutely, positively prepared.

And in such a way that is specific to me. To my needs.

Guys, it’s like he knows me or something.

Exhibit A:DSC_1989

That is a magnetic rack sitting above our kitchen sink. That is my phone (which he also bought me several months ago) attached to it, ready to display my Netflix queue, podcast list, Pandora station…you name it.

This is a game-changer, my friends. I really, really dislike (hate?) doing the dishes. I really, really like (love?) watching movies. With their powers combined, the dishes might just get done every day.

Next to the phone, you’ll see a tool. It’s not just any tool, Andy calls it my Woman tool (pronounced Woah-Man). It’s a personalized skele-tool from Leatherman.DSC_1990

It says “Caitlin’s Helper”.

It’s now within reach for any time I might need pliers, screwdriver, bottle opener, or a very sharp knife (if you haven’t read this post from 5 Kids is a lot of Kids, please, please do. Her words about a Mama’s Heart will have you laughing till you cry, and you will absolutely understand why a Mama may need easy access to a knife. Especially in the middle of the night).

Notice, both of these things are now absolutely out of my children’s reach. Good thing, too. Because this: IMG_2418

And this:DSC_0885

And this:IMG_1832

And this too:IMG_7464

Andy also supplied the magnetic iPhone case that makes this possible. He then proceeded to mount a magnet in the Swagger Wagon so I will no longer frantically look down at my lap while trying to navigate and drive at the same time. That usually results in me knocking the phone off my legs just as I make the turn into a neighborhood I don’t know. Commence The Mommy Flail: that disastrous, one-handed driving, as I simultaneously try to reach something on the floor and not swerve into oncoming traffic. Also used in cases such as “The baby won’t stop screaming and just chucked her binki.”

Maybe the car mount was more a gift with my children’s safety in mind than for my peace of mind…

Andy also spent many night hours (with the help of some friends, Thank you Jen, Dan and Kevin!) building this in the garage and moving it to the front yard.IMG_7765

There’s a story here, for another time, but if anyone was at the East Vancouver Costco recently and saw some desperate looking people trying to fit three THOUSAND tiny wood pieces into their van because the whole box did NOT fit and unpacking the box in the parking lot to try and pack the pieces around some hungry screaming children seemed like a good idea, well, those poor, poor people. I bet they needed a beer. Or three. I’m sure they would have been plenty enough sober by the time they FINALLY left the parking lot.

Anyway. I need to be outside. I need it every day. And the front yard garden is a good place to get that outside time. I also need to know my children will not run into the street while we are outside (like I said, front yard garden). This little cottage should keep them occupied (and a proper distance from vehicles) for approximately…forever. They LOVE it.

Maybe you noticed that the yard was nicely trimmed in the above picture. This is because Andy also purchased me a Weed Whacker! Happy early Mother’s Day to me! As has been shown in the past, I’m kind of a fan of power tools:IMG_6182I’m also a big fan of surprises.

Our front yard garden is great! Except, trying to mow close enough to the boxes to keep the grass down is kind of impossible. We already look like a bunch of dirty hippies with our Escape Chicken walking around (we have no idea how she does it…),IMG_1632 and it was stressing me out that the front yard looked so unkempt. (I’ve forsaken the backyard, see the above bamboo and chainsaw picture). Boom! Weed whacker, which he slyly picked up on a pizza run. “Sorry Love! There’s a crazy long line at Papa Murphy’s! I’ll be home soon as I can.” Sneaky, sneaky husband.

Lest you think my only love language is “receiving gifts,” you should know there are a hundred other intangible things he’s done in the last week. Big things like watching the kids while I took photos of this precious New One:DSC_1618

And little things, like getting up first with the kids (OK, that’s also a big thing).

Corey puts it this way, I won the husband lottery…

But it’s also more. That implies a certain amount of distance and uncertainty in our relationship. That good and bad, love and separation, are left to chance.

That is absolutely not how we work.

He knows me; he loves me.

And, he shows me how much he loves me by knowing me so well.

I mean, a weed whacker doesn’t scream I LOVE YOU to everyone.

But it does to me.

Being apart is still the worst, but I won’t be able to walk through the kitchen or be in the garden without being reminded of his love.

And that makes him seem just a little less far away. IMG_1867

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4 Responses to How He Shows Me

  1. Ann C. says:

    I love this. Husbands are so great. . I love the picture of the New One. 🙂

  2. Rachael says:

    Speaking of travel, did you happen to get my email? I am planning to take a road trip this summer, and was hoping to come through Vancouver and see you for a few days! It’s been far too long since we saw each other, and I would love to hang out with you and Andy and your adorable brood. It would likely be around the 3rd week of June, but I am pretty flexible, so let me know what you think! Beijos!

  3. Beautiful tribute. You are LOVED, mama!

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