Told you there were MORE…

Beach photos!

Per Margaret’s request in comments on the last post, we’ll start (and end) with a group photo:Beach 2-8


We spent one afternoon at Lake Quinault. A beautiful place that may just convince me I’m more of a lake vacation person. I like the feel of fresh water on my skin over salt water and much prefer a walk in the woods to being sand blasted.Beach 2-12 Beach 2-11Beach 2-9Beach 2-10 Beach 2-5

Although, the beach is pretty awesome: kite flying, beach comets, sand forts and castles and pirate ships…Beach 2-22 Beach 2-21 Beach 2-20 Beach 2-18 Beach 2-17 Beach 2-16Beach 2-4Beach 2-2 Beach 2-3 Beach 2

Ultimately, any vacation is a good vacation. Right?

Especially with family like this: Beach 2-15 Beach 2-14 Beach 2-19

And friends like these:Beach 2-13Thank you friends, for loving us and sharing a weekend of your lives. Let’s do it again soon, k?

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1 Response to Told you there were MORE…

  1. Margaret says:

    Thank you, thank you! What a fabulous way to start a Monday by seeing your vacation and all those wonderful faces! My heart sings!

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