Now it’s a tradition

mothersday2016-11Last year I decided for every Mother’s Day from here till forever I wanted pictures with all my kids. Individuals and a group shot. In all but a few of the thousands of photos we take each month (gosh, that seems ridiculous to say out loud…a thousand photos? Really? What in the world am I going to do with all of them?), I’m behind the lens. At least once a year, I make a real effort to get in front of it. Now, I’m not saying I get dressed up fancy or even put make up on, but I intentionally hand Andy the “good” camera (exposure set) and he happily snaps away while I wrestle/cajole/love-on our kiddos.

Since we’ve done it two years in a row now, I officially dub it a tradition!

mothersday2016-5mothersday2016-6mothersday2016-7mothersday2016-8mothersday2016-9mothersday2016-10This feat certainly comes with its own challenges, which I imagine will change from year to year. But, for now, they’re all small enough that I can physically pick them up and/or bribe them.

Although Dom is almost too dense for the first tactic, and Mo is becoming wise to the latter…

Bonus photos this year included all the Elder grandkids (isn’t our Godson just the cutest? And that’s not even half as wide as his smile can go. He’s seriously the smiliest baby I have ever seen!)mothersday2016

plus grandparentsmothersday2016-2

and requisite outtakes (And Lulu takes Dom down with a tackle hug!). mothersday2016-3

And all five of us (plus one! Can’t forget I’m 21 weeks preggo in these photos!)mothersday2016-12

As much work and effort as it takes to get everyone dressed and fed and sitting and looking in one direction and smiling (PLEASE?! Please smile!!! Just one more time and you can have any snack you like! AnytTHING you like! Just hold still…), these pictures make my heart happy.mothersday2016-4

They are well worth the effort (Andy’s efforts for these shots included jumping around like a crazy person behind me and making noises that should only be emitted by farm animals or equipment. The kiddos loved it).

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