Kinder Jogathon

Jogathon-7So it begins. The world of school fundraisers.

I was quite proud of Monica. She made all the phone calls herself. Asked for pledges with a little coaching from Andy. Got the 5 pledges she needed.

She told people, “I think I can do 5 laps!” and that seems like a reasonable goal for someone with such little legs. Thats 1.25 miles, right?


JogathonTurns out, K-3rd grade ran on a fabricated course, inside the big track. Meaning, their laps were far shorter than a quarter mile. And they had 45 minutes to complete as many laps as possible.

Meaning, Mo did WAY more than 5 laps.

24 actually.

While I couldn’t help but be proud of my little girl’s determination, I started to count all the dollars that people had pledged with each lap. Oops… I reckon at least a couple of you would have changed your pledge had you known.

Well, we’ll all know better next year. But for this year, I think the school will do well by Monica Elder and the pledgers that love her…

Jogathon-3Jogathon-6Jogathon-2With the DJ playing music and so many teachers and friends giving out high-fives and encouragement, everyone wanted to participate. We didn’t even count the laps Lucia and Dominic did! It made the heart of this (once upon a time) distance runner so very happy.

Afterwards there was a block party, with DJ music, jamba juice and food carts. We danced and danced on tired little legs. Well done PTO! What a fun day.

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