Focus of my Four Year Old

lulufocusThis girl. Give her paper and a pair of scissors and she will go to town.

She doesn’t just create, she produces.

lulufocus-2Assembly-line level production over here.

lulufocus-7She traces and cuts out anything: pumpkins, hearts, circles and today it’s:


lulufocus-4A lot of rectangles.

lulufocus-4This is something that I love about Lucia. Her intense focus on a project like this lasts for hours and leaves her cheeks flushed and her eyes bright. Then she gives the fruits of her efforts away to friends and family with a giant smile on her face.

lulufocus-5This girl’s heart! Melts mine, for sure.

If you’re planning to send her a Christmas present, please consider a ream of paper and a new pair of scissors.

lulufocus-6And a recycling bin.

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