Life is busy. So, busy.

But also, not. You know?

There are times of the day where the minutes fly, and my temper flares, and we are always running late (mornings, evenings…).

And then there are hours of quiet. Sleeping babies breathe softly into monitors and I sit, just wondering when the next panic segment of this sitcom-life will start again.

Thus the hiatus in writing. The hiatus in photos. The hiatus in many, many things.

However, the last week I have felt more of a calm. A settling. A little less yelling, a little more playing. A little less running, a little more singing.

And I remember why I like myself. I remember why I like my kids. I remember why I like my life. I never doubted that there was love for all of these, just sometimes it’s hard to like. To like is to be in the present moment. To appreciate the little things. To understand that time is fleeting and worthy of appreciation.

There was a resentment fog that had settled in my brain and in my heart. There was so much change (seemingly) so quickly. And then so much sickness (none too serious, but just serious enough to drain). And so little sleep…

Routines have returned. Sleep has returned.

So, joy has returned.

I really do look forward to documenting our lives here again. I spent some time re-reading posts from the past, and I was shocked by the nostalgia. Maybe that’s silly and I should have expected it. I mean, for what purpose did I start writing here?

So that I could time travel and hear Mo’s 2 year old voice. See Lucia’s silly dances. Re-live my warrior labor stories. So that I could enjoy remembering.

Because, these kids? This life?

It’s worth remembering.

Worth Remembering(Plus, I don’t think I’ll ever make up that stupid sleep-debt, so without writing things down I doubt I could remember any of these years, even if I tried!)

Here’s to 2018 and many more Tales of the Elders!

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