State of the Family 2018, Part 1

February is a good time to stop and take stock, right? January is full of recovering from Christmas while simultaneously trying to reorganize and revamp stuff, life, food, exercise- ALL THE THINGS.

By February all the pretend motivations have fallen away, and one is left with a much clearer picture of the truth.

And the truth out here is good, and hopeful, and so full of projects I just don’t even know where to start to document them. So, the kiddos will be first because they (sometimes) smile nicely for photos and honestly take up 85% of my time and 95% of my brain-space (sorry Andy, but we make up in quality what we lack in quantity right? *fingers crossed)

I’m going to split this into several posts. My intention is to follow each kid around for a day or two with my nice camera and to document the things that I want to remember about that specific kid, at this specific time.

This first post is easy though, cause I only have one photo of our youngest kid.US Dec 5

HA HA HA! Get it?!

Oh man, I crack myself up.

Yes, another Elder will be here in July to make our Tales longer and fill our lives with more memories, more tears, more laughs, more…everything.

Love never divides, only multiplies. Considering all the siblings this kiddo has, this Little One has no idea the love that awaits him or her earth-side.

We’ll get more photos here shortly at our 20 week ultrasound, but for now we spend our time imagining how Baby’s limbs have grown and profile has emerged. Talking about this baby has been especially fun because (in addition to a toddler and preschooler) we have “older” kids this time round. They ask excellent (sometimes unanswerable) questions and make great predictions.

Based on past results though we can pretty much guarantee Baby will end up with a giant head, blond hair and blue eyes.

I’ve had all the feelz about a 6th pregnancy and adding a 5th kiddo to the mix. But that’s a post for a different time because emotions (especially when fueled by hormones!) can be strange, convoluted and confusing. I’m still working on some of them.

Gratefully, this pregnancy has been much like the others, very little nausea and (so far) no major complications. So, our current state is one of joyful anticipation… and mild panic while we try to get ALL THE PROJECTS done before Little One’s arrival and balance school, work, food… 35645

I’m good at priorities.

Next up: Genevieve!

This sneak peak should give you a little insight into her personality:IMG_0116

Can’t wait to see how much of her I can catch on film. Or, is it “in pixels” now?

Regardless, insert: wide eyed emoji and facepalm emoji


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  1. YIPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEE! Congratulations, Caitlin! So excited for y’all.

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