Wordless Weekend Returns

*Breaking the WW mould with some words here… A very dear friend reminded me today that I used to post photos on Mondays about what we did over the weekend. I’m going to pick that habit back up (Thanks for the encouragement Teresa! *muah!). I think it’ll also help me pick up my camera (or iPhone) more intentionally. And the Good Lord knows I take enough photos… I currently have 146,870 on our computer. WHAT?! What in the WORLD am I going to do with all of those?! Print? Delete? Back up to 3 different kinds of storage? Probably leave them on a hard drive for my kids to dig through some day… Anyway, I now realize I have a lot of feelings about the legacy of photos that will be saved for a different (worded post). I’ll let pictures do the rest of the talking.*IMG_0134


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