Not Alone

One of my favorite bloggers, Beth Woolsey, often “waves in the dark” to her readers. It’s her way of communicating that nobody is alone in their struggles and fears. And I feel like I need a little of the same tonight…

So, for all the mamas
Who feel mediocre.
Who know, if they could just figure out that perfect __________ (sticker chart, discipline method, sleep routine, screen time regimen etc) the kids’ behavior would improve.
Who know, if they were just a little more intentional, they could find an organizational scheme so that permission slips wouldn’t get lost and socks could be matched and kids could find their shoes.
Who know if they just had the discipline to wake up a little earlier, they wouldn’t come screeching into school, late, sweatpants-clad yelling “hurry up!” as everyone falls out of their old van like a shabby, grumpy clown parade.
Who count every negative kid-interaction, placing them on the scale against “I love you”s, and fall short of being balanced. Every. Damn. Day. And who know that their fly-away temper is going to ruin their kids for life.

For all the wives
Who know that spark would be a flame if they could just figure out a way to make date night a weekly thing.
Who know if they could just find the right ___________ (gym, work out video, diet plan etc) they would stop eating all the kids’ Easter candy, and maybe fit back into their wedding dress for an important anniversary some day.
Who know they should be able to handle all the cleaning and cooking and home-ing like all those other wives are capable of doing.

For all the friends
Who worry about calling, because they know everyone is too busy to talk.
Who know that that one stupid, weird thing they said ruined a budding friendship for sure.
Who know that their text, no matter how funny, doesn’t really deserve a reply from that beautiful, popular friend.
Who know if their house was just a little cleaner, better organized, a little less sticky, and a little less loud, then they’d also be posting photos of great play dates and smiling BFF selfies.

For all of you who know you know that that none of these things are actually true, but who feel it sometimes anyway.


You are not alone.

And neither am I.

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