Random Musings

Nothing profound or earth-shattering today, just a couple musings:

We went to the main Vancouver library on Sunday, and it was awesome! They have an entire children’s floor, filled with colored tepees and toys and learning tools and books (of course). Mo was ridiculously over-stimulated, and ultimately had a melt down when we tried to go explore the adult sections of the library. That’s ok. We were all getting tired and hungry, not a good combination for an almost-two-year-old, a pregnant lady and a getting-sick husband…but the library remains awesome. And we will go back again!

Not her dolly...but that's ok

Speaking of the husband, can I tell you how awesome he is? He is so awesome that he has won two giveaways in the last week. Not one, two! (I’m about to reveal how geeky our family is, so just try to remain impressed that he won something(s)). The first was a game from the online board game store Myriad Games. They sent him a first edition of Nightfall, which he had a chance to play at GAMESTORM (a board game convention he and our friend Cole went to this past Saturday).

Mo might have been even more excited to open the box than Andy...

I did warn you that these prizes would reveal how ridiculously geeky we are, right? Ok. So, second prize: a Catanimal.  For those of you not familiar with the Catan universe and resulting paraphernalia, a Catanimal is a plush version of one of the “resources” you collect during the game Settlers of Catan (ore, sheep, wood or brick). This awesome prize is from Mayfair games, the company that does Settlers in the US. I’m pretty sure, out of the two prizes, I’m more excited about the plush doll than the actual game…

Seriously, how cute is that?

Two prizes! I told him to go buy a lotto ticket.

Now for something completely different: I have a new best friend. She is sleek, efficient, stainless steel, and can cook beef stew in 13 minutes flat. That’s right, we now have a pressure cooker! I’m not sure I can convey how ridiculously happy this makes me. Now, our weekly rice and beans night takes 3 minutes to cook instead of an hour. And, did I already mention that I made beef stew tonight in 13 minutes?? (Minus prep time of course). All you friends out there shaking your heads, please remember I am currently 26 weeks into growing another little human, and you may chalk all this domestic blathering up to nesting if you like… However, I am honestly this crazy in love with it:

Thumbs up. For realz, yo.

Last, but not least: Mo and I made play dough yesterday. It may deserve a post of its own. Let’s just say, I now have a “crafting” sweater, which is peppered with red food coloring, my fingernails are still blue, and Mo only ate one mouthful.

Mmm mmm mmm...salty

I call that a win.

P.S. We sign for the house tomorrow! AHHHH!!!!! I went to the bank today to get a cashier’s check for a ridiculous amount of money… I guess this is really happening. More pics and thoughts about that coming soon!

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