Stay Far, Far Away

Casa Elder has been pretty subdued for the last several days. We’re all fighting a nasty flu-bug. Our agenda has included: cuddling, sleeping and eating. And Elmo. Lots and lots of Elmo.

So, unless you want to join us in hacking up a lung or two, I advise staying far, far away.

On a related note, Mo and I are headed up to Port Angeles for a couple days to stay with my parents. In my mother’s words “My Baby’s germs aren’t germie to me! Come!” I’m pretty sure my immune system didn’t get that message each time Mo sneezed in my face. But, hey! What’s family for, if not for sharing?

The short visit will be well-spent resting and being cared-for. That’s a wonderful feeling. Not to mention, Andy will actually get some sleep. He pulled more than his fair share with baby night-duty as I desperately tried to avoid catching the flu-bug and then continued night-time ministering once I did get sick (like I keep saying, he’s pretty awesome). So, Andy will get some sleep. I will get some sleep. Mo will get grandma and grandpa time. What could be better? Well, besides not being sick…

I’ll leave you with this funny photo:

It’s not the best picture in the world, but it has a good story. Mo found a spider on our porch outside. It just so happens her favorite song in the whole wide world is “The Itsy-Bisty Spider”. So, at least once a day, she starts making the signs that accompany the song and points outside, usually just minutes after Andy gets home from work. She then firmly takes his hand and leads him to the sliding glass door so that they can do their daily Itsy-Bitsy visitation. She points, laughs, and dances while they sing the song.

Soon, we will have a yard of our own and I can show her all the bugs that live in a real garden! I bet she’ll even share my love of worms. Speaking of which (well, speaking of a yard, not speaking of worms), we had all better feel well by the end of the week, because….

Drum roll please…


Oh man, home ownership…what a crazy adventure we’re starting…and we’re ridiculously excited. Much more to come. Once my head stops spinning…

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1 Response to Stay Far, Far Away

  1. We’re happy you got a house. It will make a big difference in your lives. Love the blog, keep it up.
    Uncle Denny

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