That’s my handsome husband, holding the key to our brand-spanking-new (to us) home! We were funded and recorded on Thursday. Andy picked up our keys Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, Mo-Bug and I are still recovering from the dastardly Influenza A in Port Angeles, so we weren’t able to be there.

We were recently bemoaning the fact that we’ll have to carry both our lease and mortgage  for a month, but I’m starting to realize that it will be a blessing. I cannot imagine getting moved in the next week, or even the next couple of weeks. I’m not much good for lifting heavy objects (although, I do lift Mo quite often…), and we’re all still coughing up our lungs. It’s very appropriate that this transition will take a little time. There’s so much to do: packing, packing, and more packing (I’m very, very happy that we’re still semi-packed from our move in November!!). Not to mention the fun stuff to do, like picking out paint colors and deciding where furniture will go.

Mmmm, furniture. Don’t get me started. I’m doing a little shopping up here at Casa Labrie. Since my mom has the same furniture addiction that I do (or perhaps, it’s the other way around?), there’s an abundance of desks, chairs and miscellaneous awesomeness with which to fill our house! Like: Giant teddy bears!

Who wouldn’t feel better after lounging with grandma and this guy for a couple days?

Andy drove up last night, so all the sickos are finally together. I think Easter will be a rather subdued  event this year. Our celebration will mostly involve jello and an expectorant. Regardless, come tomorrow, we will rejoice with the rest of you! Our blessings our countless.

That's our backyard!!

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4 Responses to Ours!

  1. Jessie says:

    Woohooo on the house! Not so much the sickness.

  2. Robin Dyer Dauncey says:

    Love the picture of Monica & Grandma Gracie! Enjoy your new home Caitlin & Andy! Awesome is not a big enough word…congratulations to you. Hope to see you someday soon… 🙂

  3. Door Repairs says:

    Very nice house and family! You are lucky to have a great life. Never forget what you have.

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