First Things First

Andy picked up our keys to our house Good Friday. Our plan for Easter was to do a small egg hunt in our empty house and backyard and then bake cookies. The flu decided that we would go to Mass and then all take a nap on Sunday instead.

Therefore, our cookie-baking-house-initiation happened today. Complete with a Costco pizza picnic in our backyard!

Hey, Mo! That one's mine!

Speaking of the backyard, I am absolutely in love. In love with the yard the way it is, and definitely in love with the changes we’re discussing. Our little house sits towards the front of almost a third of an acre. That translates into an awesome amount of space out back. Check it out:

I can just picture the kids playing in that bamboo corner

180 degrees from this pic is the following fence. Our yard continues behind it, and includes that awesome cherry tree which is just starting to bloom.

Picking flowers. Finding bugs. All the cool things kids get to do.

This corner of the yard was fenced off to protect a garden at some point. We're going to take the fence out but still use this area for chickens and other edible things.

I asked Andy today, “Is it weird that so far I’m way more attached to the yard than the house?

“No,” he replied. We decided that the house still has impressions of the past owners. Holes where pictures were hung. Scuffs from old furniture. We have yet to fill it. To make it ours. The yard, perhaps, is easier to claim. There’s adventuring to be done back there. Who knows what wonderful things we’ll find?

Pictures of the inside coming next! We will definitely need some help deciding paint colors!

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1 Response to First Things First

  1. Cameron Copeland says:

    Sweet setup guys, I am glad to see you are doing well.

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