Friday-ish Favorites

Favorite photo of some of my favorite people: Abbie and M.

I am well aware that it’s not Friday. On Friday I was busting my behind, trying to clean the house before Julie, Bob and Jessie arrived.

I failed at the clean house part.

Failed miserably.

But I tried. And that’s what counts, right?

I think everyone needs a distraction (or two, or three, or six) on Monday anyway. Don’t you?

>>This man’s version of a Paganini Violin Concerto is either fantastic or disturbing. I’ll let you decide which. (

>> Apparently my verbosity (is that a word?) is the best contributing factor to how well Mo and Lu will learn. Who woulda thought? (Time)

>>If you are a fellow GOT fan waiting patiently for The Winds of Winter, you must watch this video. ( –>several swear words, so listen with your ear buds in <–

>>Best. Tree-house. Ever. (EW)

>>May God bless John Franklin Stephens for breaking stereotypes and taking on bullies. (

>> I love the Pioneer Woman. And I love her list of corny jokes. You know you want to use them. Especially the one about the Jalapeno… (thepioneerwoman)

>>Kristy Mitchell’s photography amazes me. Be sure to read about her inspiration and check out her behind the scenes photos!

>>This is the second Autumn I’ve made these Pumpkin Creme Pies. They are well worth the effort. (tastykitchen)

>>This paper theater art is spectacular. Every time I browse Elly MacKay’s work I want to break out the scissors and try to create something magical. Then I remember my artistic abilities (or lack thereof, rather) and just buy one of her prints. (Etsy)

Mo, on the other hand, has mad art skillz…

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