Happy Halloween!

I made a huge mistake.

I opened the Halloween candy last week. The big giant Costco bag of candy…

Today is Halloween, and there are, kind of, only Almond Joys left.

That may or may not be my fault…

Poor kids who come to our door tonight:

Ding. Dong. “Trick or Treat!”

“Aw, how cute. A Fairy Princess and Ironman. You must have spent so much time getting ready for tonight, and be so excited to receive super cool candy from all the neighbors! Here, I have some awesome candy for you to choose from! Almond Joys or Almond Joys!”

We’ll be known as that house. The Almond Joy house…We probably won’t even get any trick or treaters next year.

Hmm…that’s not going to work. Halloween is kind of a big deal in my family. My parents’ house was that house. The house with awesome parties and super scary decorations. My mom LOVES Halloween. When we lived in Keosauqua, IA, she invited the whole town to our house for Halloween parties. And, one year, my dad sat patiently on the front porch for hours in a headless horseman costume with his hands in the candy jar. He’d let the first guy in a group of kiddos grab candy no problem, but the second or third kid nearly always peed his pants when dad snagged his hand.

We’ve got to be the cool house! Or, at the very least, we can’t be that house. The one with no decorations and only Almond Joys. I guess I’ll brave Costco and wrestle some last-minute candy from other procrastinator moms… And by procrastinator I mean the other moms who also really needed to eat all the Halloween candy before Halloween.

On a different note:

This video is for Grandma Frances and Grandpa Bob (well, and anyone else who thinks Mo is pretty dang cute…). I’m so proud of how well Mo knows her letters! Sometimes weird fonts can cause problems, but I’d say she’s 90% of the way there! Go Mo!


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2 Responses to Happy Halloween!

  1. Jessie says:

    Wowzers, is she a smarty pants.

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