Halloween Report

The girls had quite the costume options this year. Jessie’s super hero masks have been quite a hit ’round here. And, per Jessie’s request, we couldn’t resist making our “Angry One” the hulk.

The resemblance is uncanny, isn’t it?

I purchased a couple of used costumes last minute off a swap site in a fit of Halloween-neglect guilt.

After all that worrying, we got a total of three trick-or-treaters! Three!

Good thing I kept the Costco receipt for all that extra candy I bought. Now, if I can just control myself until it’s returned…

Don’t open the bag, Caitlin! Don’t do it!

You need that candy Cait. You’ve worked hard all day. Raising kids is tough.

You did not! You spent all day decorating cookies, and then the kids napped. What’s hard about that?

So what if the girls were good!? Life is hard! You need some chocolate! Andy took all the leftovers to work! Open it…open it…

The italicized Caitlin has won…so far…

Mo was ridiculously excited to have people come to the door, “Boy?! Girl?! Boy and girl?! Ding dong! Boy and Girl, ding dong!”. She waited patiently at the front window as it got darker and darker…waiting….waiting…

Until finally we had our first trick-or-treaters. “BOY! GIRL! DING DONG!!” we were alerted, before they even got to the door.

As the night slowed down (heh heh), Andy decided to take Mo out to a couple surrounding houses.

She went with the classic “Dinosaur in a Tu-tu” look.

We also had a fairy princess costume from Mom and Dad:

But that’s kind of her every-day attire.

So off they went. To a whopping three houses!

See the sugar-induced, frantic eyes? She enjoyed a couple candies when they got back (after it was checked by Dad, of course). Her loot may or may not have been also checked by Mom. Just in case there were some “already open” snickers, or kit-kats, or twix….*burp*

Motherhood has it perks.

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4 Responses to Halloween Report

  1. mdott922 says:

    Those are adorable costumes! Good luck holding off of the candy…I’ve failed on that count!

    It was nice meeting you at the PNW Bloggers Holiday party tonight! I’ve added your blog to my reader!

  2. Carlee S. says:

    Haha! The dinosaur in the tutu costume is my favorite! Kids are the best!!

    So great chatting with you at the blogger party last weekend!

    • Caitlin says:

      Ditto! It was lovely to meet you and to chat with everyone. I feel like I have a whole new group of friends to keep up with now. And blogging makes that easy :o)

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