Snow Day!

Traffic last night looked like this:img_2843

Because of this:snow-day-4

Andy’s 20 minute commute took 2 1/2 hours, and we had friends who could have truthfully run home faster than the 4 hours they sat in traffic. Insert eye roll from everyone in the midwest, northeast, heck anywhere but here. But for those of us in the Portland area, even a quarter inch is a big deal.

And school was cancelled, so we enjoyed it! Quite literally.snow-day-5snow-day-2-2

Mo was very determined to make a snowman, snow-daysnow-day-2snow-day-3

and even though she maybe had to roll all around the entire backyard, make one she did!snow-day-6 It might have been a wee little snowman (woman?) but it was still adorable.

snow-day-7And this is Dom’s I’m cold but saying cheese face. Snow is fun. Until it’s not. Then it’s hot cocoa time!

snow-day-8Throwing this photo in to remind myself that even when I think I’m failing at all our Advent traditions (perhaps we have too many?) there are some that the kids remind me about daily. Singing Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel before supper is one of those traditions. It makes my heart happy every time the kids reminds me to light the candles and sing the song. I take a deep breath, push aside all the pre-Christmas busy, and really just sing, making the words a prayer that I hope echoes in my heart.

Happy Advent from “snowy” Vancouver!

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    We enjoyed the photo’s……………………….

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