Guest Post- Movie Recommendations

Hey-howdy-hey T.O.T.E. readers! No, this is not Caitlin, but her sister Jessie, writing a guest post about who knows what. I swear, Caitlin asked me to do this! I have not committed a sisterly coup upon her awesome blog.


I’m a bit of a movie fiend. Well, fanatic is a better descriptor. I often compare my life to the silver screen, however unrealistic this has made my expectations of life, men and the capabilities of the human body (I practiced dodging bullets Neo-style way too many times in the mirror). My world-view is filtered through some twisted, 3-D, rose-colored glasses.

Anyhoo, Caitlin asked me to make some movie recomindations, and since I don’t quite know who reads Cait’s blog, I’ve made one for practically every interest type. To avoid my propensity towards novel-like blog posts, I’ve given myself a ten word limit on each description. Let’s see how I do. Warning- these aren’t all new releases, nor are they all movies. They’re just shows I’ve watched recently that are well done, enjoyable and worth watching.

220px-ParaNorman_posterFamily Friendly– ParaNorman

Boy sees ghosts everywhere, saves the day Claymation-Goonie style.







Science Fiction– Terra Nova

Time-travel to dinosaur era to save the future. Epic.

total recall



ActionTotal Recall 

Could be called, “Remake that’s better than the original- what?!?!”







HorrorCabin in the Woods

Joss Whedon’s horror-apocolypse-flick with Chris Hemsworth. Very witty.



Geek!– Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Video game come to life with numerous evil-ex battles.





Romance/Adventure/Historical/Not for children- The Flowers of War

Batman saves Chinese school girls by dressing as a priest.






seeking a friendDrama- Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Surprising, emotional, funny take on the end with Steve Carrell.






colin and bradComedy- Colin & Brad: Two Man Group

Improv show. Made me laugh so hard I almost upchucked.






British- Downton Abbey

British soap opera like “Upstairs, Downstairs,” only better. Very addictive.




220px-The-Artist-posterAcademy Award Winner- The Artist

Silent film about learning to accept difficult changes in life.






Grimm - Season 2

Fantasy- Grimm AND Once Upon a Time

Twisted fairy tales on TV. Fresh take on familiar stories.

once upon a time

I hope you have enjoyed my rather long post (believe me, it could have been MUCH longer). Next time I’ll be focusing on just one or two wonderful things to watch. Until Caitlin lets me take over again…


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