Potty Training for Lent

I have never failed this badly at Lenten resolutions. Well, we all remember how good I am at New Years Resolutions…but generally Lent is different.

There’s something about making a promise to God that usually has a little more sticking power. Gives me a little more resolve. Throws on a whole new layer of guilt.

But this year…

Not so much.

I know, I know. Lent’s barely begun. I have plenty of time to jump start the dead batteries of my sacrifices, and normally I would. But instead I’m going to change entirely.

So long checking email and facebook only once a day. See ya later (or never) eating only sweets that are offered to me. Although you good and worthy resolutions were made with the best of intentions, I’ve found something that is going to be even better.

Potty training.

Yep. Without succumbing to any Pharisee-style wailing, complaining and gnashing of my penitential teeth, leave it to say that Potty Training involves all sorts of fasting, prayer and even alms giving.

Apart from the spiritual benefits this presents, it’s actually making me a better Mom. Mo has such focus. Such amazing, undivided focus, especially when it comes to reading or watching a movie. Often, I literally have to tell her to blink, or she’ll sit there with tears streaming down her face as she soaks up every pixel of animated joy.

So, to effectively potty train, she has to be actively engaged in some activity.


Read: Caitlin has to have some activity for Mo to be doing every minute of the whole darn day, lest she succumb to her love of reading quietly in the corner.

What? I can’t just leave her to her own devices, summoning her to meal times and only the most fun activities? Questions my desperately-seeking-some-“me-time” Mommy Brain.

I have to actually play with her?


And guess what? It’s fun.

It seems as though this fun stage snuck up on me. She’s a little person, with feelings and desires and opinions.

We read book after book after book after book. We bake cookies. We sing and dance and play make-believe. We smile and laugh and I see pure Love, pure Joy, shine through her eyes when we’re together. 

And as I’m reading, and playing and run-run-running to the potty, all of the sudden, I don’t have time for email, or facebook, or movies. Or any of that other stuff that I was trying to “give up”. 

I don’t have time, because I’m doing what I was supposed to be doing all along. I’m loving this oldest daughter of mine, every minute, every day. 


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2 Responses to Potty Training for Lent

  1. Jessie says:

    Now that’s what Lent is for my sister!

  2. Margaret says:

    Don’t you LOVE how it is absolutely impossible to outgive God? Unexpected blessing and joy when we least expect it.
    I’m writing to you in a few minutes.

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