A Very Belated Birthday Post


Lu's Bday-3You’re closer to 14 months than 12 now, but I still want to share some of your birthday pictures.

Your Nana and Papa Elder hosted a party and you had such fun! You were surrounded by so much love! Nana Julie made a beautiful #1 cake.Lu's Bday-2Lu's Bday-6

Your big sister helped with the decorations.Lu's Bday

All your favorite people were there (and a Dogdog!).Lu's Bday-4 Lu's Bday-5

The best part: Cake smash! You were hesitant at first, but Mo quickly helped you figure out just how good cake tastes. You were happy to share with everyone!Lu's Bday-7 Lu's Bday-8 Lu's Bday-9 Lu's Bday-10 Lu's Bday-11 Lu's Bday-12 Lu's Bday-13 Lu's Bday-14 Lu's Bday-15 Lu's Bday-16

Right now, you are blossoming before our very eyes. You have so many words, and understand so much. You never hesitate to let us know exactly what you want, and when you want it. Not going to lie, you’re a little bit of a drama queen, happy to throw your head back and wail if someone says “no!”.

Words you can say:
Dogdog- dog
Ball- ball
Baup- book
Mama- more
Bubu- Bubble
Hissss- Cat
Bobo- toy monkey Bobo
Dat!- that
Dada- sometimes Daddy, sometimes yourself
Fshhh- fish

Words you sign:

I didn’t understand what other mothers meant when they said, “Oh, my baby is so cuddly!”. Really? Like at nap time or when breastfeeding? Every kid is cuddly then.

Lulu, you are a Cuddle Bug! Seriously. If I sit on the floor for just a  moment, you find your way to my lap to lay your head down for a rest. You climb Mount Mommy and Mount Daddy, only to snuggle your nose deep into our necks. Any time of day. You can be sleepy-eyed, or wide awake, you just love to cuddle. I love it!

You most favorite thing in the whole-wide-world (aside from cuddling)?

Dogs. Absolutely dogs.

You hear them bark streets away. You see them a mile off. A person merely says the word “dog” and you are vibrating, repeating over and over “Dog! dog dogdog dog dog dog dogdog dogdogdogdog!”.

I’m sorry all we have right now are cats, well, and chickens. The cats are almost as good. Right? No, not really. You mostly point at them and hiss. Wonder who you learned that from?

I love you Baby Lu, more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow. Happy belated birthday, Lucia Jean!



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