Six Minutes for Andy

DSC_2220This man, who works hard every single day, is computing like a crazy man right now.

He’s taking the Professional Engineering exam, and it is a doozy! 8 hours of non-stop, comprehensive engineering questions. It factors out to around 6 minutes per problem, all day long. And, as if his brain weren’t fried enough, the tougher part of the exam is the second half of the day. Blech.

Here’s the thing about us: at this point in our family life, I don’t work… well, a job that pays. He is our bread winner. That is no small feat for a growing family of four. Over the last several months, on top of all the work he already does, he’s also studied for this exam. Another ball added to his amazing juggling act (and, much to the amusement of our daughters, he can actually juggle). Hours and hours spent in preparation, and did he sacrifice kid time? Wife time? Family time? Not really. Mostly sleep. Because he’s awesome like that. Because, he loves us like that.


If you’ve got an extra minute or six today, would you please send him a prayer? Offer up a small sacrifice? Send him some good vibes? Every little bit of grace and love and positive energy is going to make him that much more awesome.

Cause I know he’s going to rock this test. This endurance event.

Six minutes at a time.

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