Baby Boy Belly Bump

Maternity Shoot-5As promised, here are the rest of the shots from our mini-maternity shoot with Creo Photography. I highly, highly recommend Kaitlynn as a family photographer if you live in the Vancouver/Portland area. She is kind, professional, funny and has a servant’s heart. This is both a passion and a ministry for her. Plus her awesome husband Matt comes along to carry bags and make the clients laugh. They make a most excellent team.

Maternity Shoot-8I take a lot of pictures of our kids. And I think that most of them even turn out pretty good. But there’s just something about the experience of working with a professional and getting everyone into a shot that is magical. These photos are time capsules, treasures. I already look back at the first shoot we did with Kaitlynn last spring and can’t believe how much our family has changed.

Maternity Shoot-9 Maternity Shoot-10And these photos also work to dispel a little guilt involved with pregnancy number 3.

Maternity Shoot-6With Mo, I took a belly photo every. single. week. Without fail.

Maternity Shoot-7With Lulu, I probably got 20 photos in 40 weeks.

Maternity Shoot-4With Baby Boy… three? Maybe?


So, if he ever wants to complain, I can kindly point to our professional shoot and say something like, “Yes, but we got a real photographer to take pictures of you while you were in Mommy’s tummy. That’s just how special you are!”

Maternity ShootBut wait, won’t that make the girls feel bad?… Nah, they featured rather prominently in “Baby Boy’s” shoot.

Maternity Shoot-2Only a Mom would worry about future parental guilt, am I right?

I’m pretty sure he’ll survive, and so will the girls. Thrive, even.

Maternity Shoot-3In our family of five.

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4 Responses to Baby Boy Belly Bump

  1. i love the soft light… so pretty.

  2. mona alzheimer says:


  3. Margaret says:

    Warmed heart.

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