Spring(ish), My Half Birthday and Messes (aka Three Ways my Husband is the Best)

half birthdayFirst of all, who has a husband that remembers her half birthday? And celebrates it?

I do.

Andy is seriously my favorite, and I am ridiculously blessed.

half birthday-2It’s started to feel a little Spring-y around here.

Bi-polar weather:

half birthday-4Poor trash man. Good thing he has two adorable little girls who wave to him, even on rainy days.

half birthday-5Later that same day, the weather was beautiful! Sunshine!!

half birthday-3I planted primroses to add some color to the front yard  garden. And I put some peas in the ground. Garden plans are coming along nicely, now I just need to recruit a couple people to help me spend a day or two planting. I’m thinking if I garden hard enough right around 39 weeks gestation, we may have a March baby instead of April…

half birthday-8And, we’re in the process of cleaning out the garage. Spring cleaning meets pregnancy nesting at its finest right here folks!

half birthday-7It’s still in the disaster phase, but I’m well on my way to having an actual pantry area! Alleluia!

half birthday-9And thanks (again) to my amazing husband.

Just to keep it real, what happens when we concentrate all our efforts on some project outside? The inside of our house looks like this:half birthday-10

The girls were a huge (read: none whatsoever) help when it finally came time to pick up (read: Mama finally flew into a hormonally-induced rage, cursing every toy she nearly tripped over)… I mean, if they can make a mess like that, they can certainly clean it up, right?half birthday-6

Thanks (for the third time) to my awesome husband for un-disaster-ifying that room before Ladies Night yesterday. You’re sincerely the best.

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1 Response to Spring(ish), My Half Birthday and Messes (aka Three Ways my Husband is the Best)

  1. cathylass says:

    Happy Half-Birthday!

    Hmmmm… we just both forgot our wedding anniversary… birthdays we generally remember (although my other half seems to think my birthday is in the beginning of April, when it’s towards the end… no need to worry – we’ve only been together 14 years. Hahahaha!), although we never celebrate.

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