Telestrations Wins Again!

telestrations-5Like seriously wins as best party game ever. Look at all these smiles! telestrations-7 telestrations-10 telestrations-2-5 telestrations-12 telestrations-2-7 telestrations-3-2It induces the kind of laughter that makes your face hurt. That makes you cover your mouth because you’re laughing so hard. That makes tears stream down your cheeks.

You don’t even have to be playing, just watching, and you’re still likely to snort as loudly and uncontrollably as everyone else.

For example, I give you the reactions to “swing dancers” into “hitler in a dress”:telestrations-13 telestrations-2telestrationstelestrations-2-2telestrations-2-3telestrations-4telestrations-3telestrations-8telestrations-2-4

We sincerely laughed about that transformation for a good five minutes. It was just so shockingly awesome.

Also, it’s accessible to any skill level of artist (better, in fact with a variety of skills).telestrations-6

Case in point: Corey’s “car hood” telestrations-11

vs my “killer bee”telestrations-2-6We played late into the night, and I would absolutely do it again. And again. And again. And that’s saying something coming from a sleep-deprived mom of 3 Littles.

telestrationsOh wait. My baby is a pro sleeper. So, I’m good to play any time! Just grab a group of friends, snacks, maybe a beer or two and bring your mad drawing skillz.

telestrations-2It’s sure to be a good time.

Credit to my mom for taking many of these photos and kudos to Andy for buying/bringing this game. My family is awesome.

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4 Responses to Telestrations Wins Again!

  1. Kiara says:

    That looks like a blast!

  2. phantomdiver says:

    You should share your Telestrations blog posts with the company that makes the game. If they don’t give you a game to give away, it is their loss. I. Am. So. Serious.

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