DSC_4790She and I rose at the same time, moving to the couch for a long snuggle. Waking up together. Bodies still warm from the covers.

“Mommy, can you hold me forever,” she asked, looking at me with those big blue eyes.

“Forever, my Love? Of course.”

“But what about when I’m a gahwown up? You can’t hold me when I’m a gahwown up.”

“If you need me, I will still hold you when you’re a grown up. Absolutely.”

“Ok, Mommy.” She snuggled in deeper. We lingered on the couch, cuddling for another long moment.

And for some reason, I felt like crying.

No. Sobbing. Right there… Into her long blonde hair.

I want to hold her forever. I want to wake up slowly every morning, sleepy head nestled on my shoulder. I want every worry, every trial, every pain to be solved by a long cuddle on the couch. The mother of all hugs.

I know I can’t hold her forever. But I want to.

And I don’t think that feeling will ever go away.

Not even when she’s a gahwown up.

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3 Responses to Forever

  1. Jessie says:

    Thanks for making me tear up!

  2. Joanne Kibbe says:

    I know what you mean!!!

  3. Frances Hohman says:

    Dear Caitlin and Mo,Thank you for sharing this beautiful message. I have not checked my messages for a week. We are in northern CA. visiting with Kathy and Dave, and going to visit with our new Great-Grandson Zachary, andJessie when they get here. He is very sweet. Grandpa and I feel so blessed to have all our beautiful Great-Grand children.Today we visited with Joe and Clarice and Matthew he is Two and 1/2. We are having a wonderful visit . We will stay here until Thurday of this week. Thank you so for the beautiful picture of Monica. She is a real beauty. Lots of love and kisses to you all, Gm. Frances and Gp. Bob

    Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2014 05:51:20 +0000 To:

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