6 Months Old

Dom 6moHappy very first half-birthday, son of mine!

Round here you’re known by many names: Dom, Dom-dom, Baby Dom, Baby Brother, Baby Bwathah, Dominic, Giant Baby… and recently I’ve come to think of you as my Gentle Giant. There’s no getting around it, you are one Big Baby.

At this point, I’m squeezing you into 12-18 month clothes. Your 18 month jammies zip up your thighs like they’re a second skin. Good thing skinny jeans are in right now…

Dom 6mo-3But apart from your size, I’m really reveling in the “gentle” part of your personality. You are such a content baby. You’ve cut two teeth, and I only realized because of an extra nighttime wake up….once. (Other mamas with teething babies who hate me right now, it’s ok. I get it.)

Dom 6mo-2Your daddy and I often use the words “clutch” and “pro” to describe you, because seriously, you’ve made the transition from 2 kiddos to 3 kiddos, ridiculously easy. You eat, sleep, and smile.

Sometimes all of those things at the same time.

Dom 6mo-4Your sisters abso-freaking-lutely love you. I have never seen two little humans so quick to dote and love on another. The second you cry (which you sometimes do..ok, rarely), they are immediately by your side, cooing, patting your tummy, saying things like “Who’s a handsome little man?” and “It’s ok baby. You’re ok. You’re just fine.”

And you are.

And so are we.

Thank you, Little Man, for making our lives so full of joy and love and calm. Dom 6mo-5

The ease with which you joined our family has helped me love you more today than I ever thought possible.

Just imagine what the next 6 months will bring…

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