Baby in a Sink

Dom bathI could almost crop the dirty dishes out…

That’s the nice thing about blogging, I can present whatever world I choose! And in my bloggy world, there are never dirty dishes in my sink *cough cough, ahem…

I couldn’t even finish that sentence without choking. It’s just that untrue! So just pretend there isn’t a sink full of dirty dishes right next to him, k? Thanks.

I forgot to post the stats from his 6 month visit (almost a month ago now), so here they are. They’re probably a little +/- at this point.
Height: 2′ 4″ (97%)
Weight: 22lbs 12oz (99%)
Head Circ: 18.74″ (100%)

Just look at that noggin! And the arm rolls! On a somewhat related note, next time I see you, ask me to flex. He presents quite the upper body workout.

Dom bath-2He tried sweet potato today; his first solids. Just a couple little tastes on the end of my finger. There were funny faces, but there wasn’t any crying, so I say, success!

Dom bath-3I really do love this butterball more and more every day. He’s currently sitting up on his own with minimal face planting. This is one of my favorite stages. I can sit him down, give him a basket of toys, and he’ll entertain himself  for minutes on end AND stay put!

He blows bubbles, screeches, babbles and is currently not sleeping through the night. Not by a long shot. Growth spurt? Teeth? Developmental milestones? All of the above? Who knows? Whatever the issue, it translates into several wake ups at night for extra meals.

Dom bath-4 Good thing he’s so dang cute.

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3 Responses to Baby in a Sink

  1. He is SUPER SUPER SUPER cute. I guess that makes getting up at night slightly easier : )

  2. He’s adorable and has grown so much since Edel! Too Fast! Sweet boy 🙂

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